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Tips to Overcome Some Common Problems in your HP Printers

Hewlett Packard Printers has become a household name recently. Millions of its users have enjoyed the convenience of not having to roam the market to locate a printer shop as they can complete their documentation from home. Rich in features, highly portable and reasonably affordable, HP printers have taken over the market like a storm. As handy as printers are, they also suffer from the curse of malfunctioning. They can run reliably for many years and countless prints, but they can also malfunction and sometimes stop working entirely.

You might not know but the majority of times, there are common and easy solutions to such malfunctions. Most recurring problems that everyone face with their printers are:

• Paper Jams: Yes, you heard us right, paper jams are for real. Usually means when your printing material, especially paper, get lodged or stuck to your printer. It can halt all your printing operation as the material can’t be just removed or ejected.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your HP printers can save you this trouble. It is that easy because if you are encountering paper jams regularly, it is time to clean that printer. One more issue that leads to paper jams is not using proper printing paper/material. Learn about what size and quality paper your printers are most efficient with and use them along with regular cleaning. We assure you, paper jams will be a story of the past by this neat and simple trick.

• Ghosting: A very annoying issue with the HP printers that refers to a condition where the quality of your image prints is significantly low or poor and unwanted text from the main document also gets printed. Ghosting happens in many forms like:

  1. Mechanical Ghosting: caused by ink starvation or problems with the drums or fuser. By examining the print quality, phantom prints on the printed side, you can be certain if your printer is ghosting.
  2. Chemical Ghosting: poor image quality due to uneven and irregular drying rate of inks. The absorption pattern into the printed sheet is uneven which leads to poor quality of prints.
  3. Ghost Jams: a result of frequent paper jams when they leave residue behind which hinders with the operations of the printers even after you have dealt with your paper jam.

Most ghosting issues occur when the power port is providing low power to the printer, in that case, you need to plug your printer to a different outlet and restart your printer and computer. Every issue of ghosting is avoidable by regular maintenance and cleaning of your printer. But as your printer gets old, it needs a thorough cleaning of mechanical parts like drums or fusers and in some cases might even need replacement if they have exceeded their consumable limit.

• Printer Driver issues: Every printer is a mechanical unit powered through electricity but still many users are not bothered by updating the drivers or the apps related to the printers. If you are still trying to run your HP printer with old versions of drivers, there is a very high chance that your printer will face serious issues. All it takes is a simple installation of the latest drivers which ensures the smooth operation of your printers.

So what have we learnt? Timely cleaning, maintenance of your HP printers can increase their longevity with quite some margin. In addition to that, always make sure to update the drivers of your printers as that results in smoother printing operations.

The universal method of shutting your computer and printer down and restarting them has always been around. It is highly ridiculous how many insuperable problems can be solved in this manner.

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