123.hp.com envy5540 Printer Setup

123 HP Envy 5540 Printer Setup


During the USB link it's conceivable to glue your printer. The USB port is given to conveniently connect your personal Devices.123.hp.com / setup 5540


To improve the output of the 123.hp.com/envy5540 printing system, you can get right of entry to the printer from anywhere with the wi-fi connection possibility.


The most efficient way to access printers from a local resource may be to configure your app for your private computer and connect your printer.123.hp.com / setup 5540.



It is well known that HP’s Envy range of printers was considered to be one of the highest critical in commerce. Thanks to the sensible product design and affordability, the 123 HP envy5540 opinions are extensive for the variety of features it supports. In addition to automatic duplex and touch-screen, the printer will hook up with an unmarried PC with the aid of the 123 HP Envy 5540 to make USB cable or wireless network better. This is among the highest printers you’d like to have a home or a small business spot. Especially with the USB link in place the printer is speedy in reality. The envy5540 all-in-one 123.hp.com can scan, reproduce, and print over the cloud. You too can print mobile gadgets at once. Setting up Web Services will allow you to use a loose carrier, the HP ePrint. Download the site link driver and manuals 123.hp.com/envy5540 or 123.hp.com/setup 5540.


The 123 HP Setup 5540 setup is a simple process but setting up the latest version of the HP Envy 5540 motive force and instrument is necessary to finish the printer wi-fi setup. Before starting Web Services setup, the printer must be connected to the wireless. There are several methods for setting up Web Services with:

From the control panel on the printer:

  • Check for ‘HP Printable’ on the regulate panel and pick it123-hp-envy-5540-setup
  • Then select ‘Enable Web Services’ and press ‘Yes’
  • To comply with the phrases and conditions of use, press ‘Allow’ and tap ‘Yes’.
  • Touching ‘Auto Update’ will allow product updates to be modified and activated robotically

Once the 123.hp.com/envy5540 printer links to the internet, a web page of the data is printed


Available in 123.hp.com/setup 5540, HP Envy 5540 Printer Softwares. Follow our steps, and complete the setup phase of the Hp Envy 5540 Printer Driver.

  • The latest driver model to be had at 123.hp.com or you’ll set up the wi-fi installation HP Envy 5540 with the installation disk HP Envy 5540.
  • Go to the 123.hp.com / 5540 setup client. Enter your printer ‘s style range inside the package, and click Start.
  • Double-click the downloaded instrument setup guide for the driver to operate your motive force installation.
  • To complete the Installation of HP ENVY 5540 Program Driver, please click Next.
  • The HP Envy 5540 supports WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) and wi-fi PIN activation methods.

HP Envy 5540 driver download for Windows OS

HP Envy 5540 printer drivers download for Windows

  1. Switch the Envy 5540 printer on hp.
  2. Then then use a USB cable to connect the printer to the Mac.
  3. When the operating system is Windows 10 then the computer built in will automatically enter the operating system.
  4. The built-in program will start installing the program for the driver into your gadget.
  5. To complete the installation process follow the instructions shown in the show.
  6. For further assistance hp.com/setup.
  7. Practice the steps below if it is any other Windows OS.
  8. Power to 5540 Printer on your 123 HP Envy.
  9. Then mount the Gadget-equipped CD / DVD ROM.
  10. Attach the Printer to the USB Cable.
  11. To connect it to the Network, you will receive a steered message.
  12. Now, attach the cable to the gadget and the printer and position each other shut. Get the latest Driver from 5540 123.hp.com/setup.

123 HP COM Envy 5540 Update Driver for Mac

  • HP Printer Driver software is available for Mac OS.
  • Connect the Printer to Mac with wired or wifi community.

Attach and delete printer from the list of printers:

  1. Test that the printer shows up in the Printer List. If not, add your printer to the list by following the following steps:
  2. Go to the Apple Menu, on your apple computer, iPhone or pill.
  3. In it chose Machine Preferences.
  4. Tap on the button Print and Fax.
  5. Check the printer title in the dropdown menu, inside the printer record.
  6. If the printer is found then click (–) and get rid of the printer. Click (+) to upload it again, and routinely add the printer to the printer record.
  7. If the printer is not being monitored then press (+) to add the printer to the list of printers.
  8. In the field use print, make a list of your printer’s identification inside the popup menu.

Mac Driver System Installation:

Tap on Download and Install to update the tool after you have attached the 123 hp Envy 5540 printer to the printer page.

  1. Now replace the printer instrument for faster operation of the computer.
  2. Restart the computer after each replace.
  3. Print or scan or fax your printer can. Click on hp.com/setup 5540, for more information.


How to connect Hp Envy to Windows Wifi 5540

  • Until beginning wireless setup, make sure that the 123.hp.com/envy5540Printer and its parts are hooked up with pc.
  • You need the Strong Active Internet Link with community SSID, Wifi network hp envy 5540 wifi password and the machine should be linked to a similar community as your printer system has hooked up.
  • Switch the Printer ON. Try to locate the 123.hp.com/setup 5540 Printer and Computer for higher Internet Connection as close to each other.
  • Remove the Printer from Ethernet and USB cable. Download hp envy Printer Driver Program for 5540 wifi Link setup.
  • When directed from the monitor appears, attach the USB cable. Some wi-fi data must be transferred to the Printer.

Hp Envy 5540 Wireless Setup Connection for Windows OS

Hp Envy 5540 Wireless Setup Connection for Mac

How to connect Hp Envy 5540 to Mac Wifi

Make sure that the printer and computer are hooked up and all we need is a nicely working network link, the SSID and wireless configuration for HP Envy 5540. For improved network connectivity, the Mac instrument and the Printer would have to be linked more closely to each other.

  1. The System screen will be directed for USB Connection during deployment.
  2. Visit 123.hp.com/envy5540 for the driving force set up by selecting the model number of your product and printer in the list.
  3. Follow the ON-SCREEN instruction to finish MAC wifi configuration The HP envy 5540

123.HP.COM /SETUP 5540 Solutions in Mobile Printing

123.HP.COM /SETUP 5540 Solutions in Mobile Printing

Hp Mobile Printing lets you print anywhere in the arena from your Smartphone. The avilable Mobile Printing Tools are HP ePrint, AirPrint, Cloud Print, Mopria Print …

e-Print Setup

HP ePrint Envy 5540 is a simple HP Envy 5540 software that enables you to printed documents in the device's emails. Text, PDFs, images also be ePrinted and easily revealed anywhere.

AirPrint Setup

HP Envy 5540 AirPrint print wirelessly. Apple AirPrint is a transportable solution that works on iOS devices.

Cloud Print

Hp envy 5540 Printer’s Cloud Print Setup allows all Devices to Print from their gmail and Google Documents without Printing System Setup.

Mopria Print

Mopria Print lets you print over a wireless community or via an instantaneous wi-fi connection to 123.hp.com printer.


Consult the 123.hp.com/setup 5540 guide to provide you with all setup instructions for all configurations relating to the HP Envy 5540 set-up. It requires you to use the HP ePrint when you set up Web Services, which is a loose service given to its customers by HP. You simply have to give the printer an electronic mail from wherever you are. When setting up Web Services a novel mail ID is allocated to the printer. You which face toughening the HP Envy 5540, now not printing mistake, in which case you must open the HP Envy 5540 handbook PDF to mend the issue with a sequence of steps outlined therein. In reality, the HP Envy 5540 troubleshooting guide can also solve all wireless setup problems. Download the driving force and the manuals from the 123.hp.com/envy5540 or 123.hp.com/setup 5540 hyperlink.


  • Open the Embedded Web Server by contacting the wi-fi icon to make a ‘Settings’ list.
  • To turn it on, tap on the ‘Wi-Fi Line.’
  • Upon opening the EWS, click on ‘Web Services’ button.
  • Under the ‘Web Services Settings’ click on ‘Configuration’ and pick ‘Continue.’
  • ‘Accept’ the terms of use by following the instructions shown on the screen.
  • When prompted, allow the printer to test and install the updates.
  • Using HP printer system in your Windows OS computer to set up Web Services:
  • Select the computer for HP Printer, and press ‘Print & Scan’
  • Make a selection under ‘Print’ under ‘Connect Printer to Web’
  • The house home page of Embedded Web Services opens where you can click on ‘Internet Services’
  • Click on ‘Configuration’ in the ‘Settings for Web Services’ section after which click on ‘Continue’

Accept the use stipulations and let the printer make substantial installations and updates. The motive force and manuals can be downloaded from the website link 123.hp.com/envy5540 or 123.hp.com/setup 5540.


Internet Services enabling:

  • Link the printer to a strong web link [Note: HP ePrint cannot be used as a USB connection to the device.
  • Enable Web Services, and contact the Home Screen ‘ePrint’ icon
  • To follow the instructions on the screen, simply accept the terms of use that the Web Services that ultimately require
  • The Information page on ePrint is printed
  • Sign up for the ePrint account using the instructions given on the web page

Find your eMail address for ePrint:

Touching the ‘ePrint’ button will take you to the ‘Internet Service Settings’ where the printer’s e-mail address appears

Mailing your printing record to:

  • Build a brand new E-Mail account
  • Bring in the record you need to print
  • Give the file to an online mail copy of the 123.hp.com/envy5540 printer
  • The HP ePrint job status, which can also be downloaded, will also be reviewed at the HP Connected.


Search the Amazon 123.hp.com/setup 5540 for the all-in-one photographic printer that allows for mobile printing and may be ready for Instant Ink. This means that the HP Envy 5540 can also be purchased easily with a small subscription fortify ink refill for the cartridges. The Instant Ink kit deal that accompanies the product lets you save up to 50 per cent on the paper. The printer also comes with the standard ink kit offer for ink cartridges, which is every color except black. One of the HP Envy5540 wireless setup printer ‘s potentially most glorious choices is its duplex printing feature, which can also be computerized.

Printing can be done on both sides of the document as follows (Windows):

  • Select ‘Print’ from your app and check when choosing your printer
  • Open the field ‘Properties,’ and select the following:
  • Under ‘Design’ tab, pick ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape’
  • You can also pick ‘Flip on Long Edge’ or ‘Flip on Short Edge’ from the ‘Print on Both Sides’ record
  • Select ‘News’ from a list under ‘Paper/Quality’ under ‘Tray Collection’
  • Additionally, pick the correct high quality print from ‘Price Settings’
  • Click on ‘Paper / Production’ under ‘Advanced’ and check for proper paper measurement under ‘Material Size’

Pressing duplex in OS X:

  • Select ‘Print’ from Menu ‘Folder’
  • The ‘Print’ conversation will pop up from the place you’ll make a ‘Template’ collection
  • For your duplex printing choose the binding type
  • Click ‘Print’ button


The contact display menus on the 123.hp.com/envy5540 printer can help you use either the HP Envy 5540 app or the HP Print apps that give you access to a range of models for office and home use. If you use your USB cable as a wi-fi substitute then you definitely won’t be able to use the function of HP Print apps. You can scan to and from a mobile, using the 123 HP Setup 5540 Scan. You just want to get an entry pointing to your party. Log in to the 123.hp.com/setup 5540 to learn more about the HP Envy 5540 electronic mail feature scan and its HP Envy 5540 printer enhancement availability.

  • From the list under the ‘Paper/Quality’ tab you can pick ‘News’
  • Choose the print standard, as you feel appropriate under ‘Price Settings’
  • The inventory available under ‘Advanced Options’ can also be picked below ‘Paper Size’
  • You can switch the default settings, please.
  • Tap on ‘Print & Scan’ in the Printer App
  • To make the changes click ‘Open Preferences.’
  • To open the App for the Printer:

Windows 8.1: click the ‘Down’ button in the ‘Start’ tab, and select the ‘Printer’ title

Windows 8: Right-click in the ‘Start’ window at the empty house and click on ‘All Devices’ after which the printer will be found

For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7: Click the ‘Start’ button on the desktop of the pc and select ‘All Programs,’ then ‘HP’ and choose the ‘HP Configuration 5540 series’ button and again the like.

Note: From the ‘Advanced tab’ you have a range of gray or color printing.

Print with your 123.hp.com/setup 5540 printer across all platforms

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123.hp.com/setup 5540 Printer Setup and Configuration with your Computer having Windows OS.

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Fix HP Printer setup issues on Mac OS and make 123 hp com setup 5540 Installation Comfortable.



Print Documents and Photos from anywhere with Smartphone without any Driver for 123.hp.com/envy5540.

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