Hewlett Packard Printers has recently come to be a household name. Millions of its consumers have appreciated the luxury of not having to search the market because they can complete their documents from home to find a printer shop. HP printers are rich in technology, highly compact and relatively inexpensive and have taken over the industry like a hurricane. They too suffer from the curse of malfunctioning as useful as printers are. Over several years, they can run consistently, and countless prints, but they can also fail and even fully stop working.
You may not know but there are common and simple solutions to these dysfunctions much of the time. A most common issue with their printers that everybody faces is:
Paper Jams

Yeah, you heard us right, they ‘re paper jams for real. Typically means when your printed content, especially paper, is lodged with your printer or stuck to it. This will interrupt all of your printing activity, because the content can not easily be removed or expelled.
Daily cleaning and servicing of your HP printers will save this issue. It’s that simple because it’s time to clean the printer if you are constantly having paper jams. Another problem contributing to paper jams isn’t using enough paper / material printing. Learn with which size and quality of paper your printers are most effective and use them along with daily cleaning. We assure you, by this elegant and simple trick, paper jams will be a tale of the past.
A very annoying issue with the HP printers which refers to a condition where the quality of your image prints is significantly low or poor, and unwanted text from the main document is also printed. Ghosting occurs in many forms, such as:
1. Mechanical Ghosting: caused by ink hunger, or drum or fuser issues. By examining the quality of the prints, phantom prints on the printed side, you can be sure if your printer is ghosting.
2. Chemical Ghosting: poor image quality due to the irregular and uneven ink drying rate. The pattern of absorption into the printed sheet is uneven which results in poor print quality.
3. Ghost Jams: a result of frequent paper jams when they leave residue behind which hinders the printers’ operations even after your paper jam has been dealt with.
Some ghosting problems arise when the power port provides the printer with low power, in which case you need to plug your printer to a different outlet and restart your printer and machine. Every ghosting problem can be avoided by maintaining and cleaning your printer regularly. But as your printer gets older, the mechanical parts like drums or fusers need to be thoroughly cleaned and in some cases may even need replacement if they have exceeded their consumables limit.
Issues relating to print drivers

Each printer is a mechanical unit powered by electricity but many users are still not bothered by updating the drivers or the printer-related apps. If you are still trying to run your HP printer on old driver versions, there’s a very high chance your printer will face serious problems. All it takes is a quick installation of the new drivers that ensures your printers are running smoothly.